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Hot Water Service / Water Heater Installation and Replacement / Hot Water Boiler Replacement or Installation, Hot Water Tank Replacement or Installation in Lethbridge:
Reliance Mechanical supplies and installs your choice of water heaters that well suits your needs. We can get, water Heaters for every situation and application.

Water Heater / Hot Water Heater / Hot Water Tank Service and Repair in Lethbridge
Reliance Mechanical repairs water heaters, whether the problem is a pilot outage, running out of hot water too quick, leaking water pipes/gas piping, changing the water tank location, or converting from an electric tank to a gas water heater.

Water Heaters are one of the most essential appliances for Lethbridge homes and buildings. Water heaters in the storage tank form is a low-cost and reliable source for hot water supply, that is readily available at all times for home occupants. This continual supply of hot water requires the following points of maintenance and care:

A) For gas water heaters, it is important to keep the fresh air supply opening to the water heater clear and the mechanical room clean of lint and dust.

B) It is necessary to flush the water heater both from the drain valve at the bottom and from T&P valve to remove the soil and other particles from the water heater to prevent the impurities from developing into sediment due to the heat from the gas burner in a gas fired water heater or the electric heating elements in an electric water heater. Scale formation in a water heater make the water heater inefficient and rusty.

In addition, part of the rust is carried to the hot water supply pipings and then to the hot water tubs and showers. Also, rust formation in the bottom of the hot water tank will cause corrosion and leakages in the water heater. Leaks and hot water stoppage often catches people off-guard, causing stress and property damage; therefore it is very beneficial to replace a water heater as soon as signs of corrosion and old age show, to prevent all the trouble one has to go through cleaning the mess and arranging for a water heater replacement under rush.

We provide anytime reliable & Prompt emergency Hot Water, Hot Water Tank and Hot Water Boiler Repair Service in Lethbridge.

Hot Water / Hot Water Heater / Hot Water Tank Maintenance Service:
There is always dirt and sediment in the water tanks that are accumulated over time from un-filtered or not well filtered city water in homes that do not have a water filtering system. The amount of thick dirt coming out of water tanks when flushed,  surprises  homeowners. We will flush your water heater and adjust the hot water temperature for FREE, when doing the Annual Maintenance Service on your Heating system (Furnace or Boiler). If the water tank has a defective drain valve and you would like to replace it for thorough and regular flushing, there is a charge for the valve replacement.

Water Heaters:

Types of Water Heaters That We Service and Install:
Conventional gas water heater: It works with gas, and vents to the chimney. These types of tanks are the most common and reliable water heaters. They only need gas to work, and they come in a wide range of dimensions and capacities.

2. Direct vent (gas) water heaters are used in locations where there is no chimney. It vents through the wall, and is less common than the first previous water tank, therefore a bit more expensive and may need to be pre-ordered.

3. Power vent tanks: It works with gas and electricity. It vents through the wall, making it good in situations where the chimney is eliminated. It is more efficient than regular gas water heaters and as reliable and convenient.

4. Tankless or On-Demand water heaters: This type of water heater is good for situations with limited space. It works with gas and electricity and vents through the wall. It requires a bigger gas pipe and a sufficient water volume and pressure. The condensing tank-less water heater is the most efficient and fastest water heater available. However, it is not the most dependable, and costs a bit more.

5. In-Direct gas-fired water heaters: This type of water heater does not have it’s own burner or heat source, but uses a boiler as a heat source. It has a fast recovery rate, if the boiler has a priority switch, but the drawback is that if the boiler is down, you will not have hot water.

6. Electric hot water tank: It works with electricity and does not require a chimney. It is simple and reliable, but does not have the fast recovery capacity of a gas-fired water heater.

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