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Gas Fireplace Service / Gas Fireplace Repair / Fireplace Repair Service in Vancouver:

We do quality Gas Fireplace service, Repair, safety inspection & cleaning in Vancouver. Whether your fireplace has stopped working or it’s not turning on easily, or if it’s not giving you that pleasant and warm feeling in your favorite relaxing spot in your home, we can fix it and make the fireplace look very pleasant. Nowadays, fireplaces are used in condos as the main source of heat. Some are being used non-stop for long periods of time. In situations like these, if the fireplace is not already broken down, it works poorly and doesn’t look good. An annual maintenance service will make it work safely, and look like new, as many homeowners comment after our safety inspection and Tune up service on their fireplaces. Please check the details of the service under the maintenance services.

We offer quality Gas Fireplace safety inspection & cleaning service and Repairs in Vancouver for reasonable price. 

Fireplace Maintenance / Fireplace Safety Inspection, cleaning and Tune-up Service in Vancouver:

Fireplace maintenance, gives you a piece of mind by making sure that your fireplace is functioning safely, efficiently, and leaves no ground for unexpected breakdown. Fireplace Maintenance service gives you comfort, savings on gas bills and makes your Fireplace last longer. By doing the Maintenance service with us, you will have an expert, reliable and pleasant company for your any-time service needs.

Fireplace maintenance

Fireplace Service


Here are the details of Gas Fireplace maintenance and cleaning service.

  • Observe the fireplace operation to make sure it’s working safely and correctly.
  • Check for gas leaks on the fireplace gas valve and piping.
  • Check for signs of carbon monoxide.
  • Check and clean the flu pipes.
  • Remove the burners and clean them.
  • Clean the pilot assembly.
  • Clean the fireplace glass and logs.
  • Test the fireplace flame pattern and adjust the main burner flame and the pilot burner flame.
  • Correct the gas burning rate of the fireplace if necessary
  • Check the switch and replace it if necessary.
  • Make sure fireplace works safely and correctly.

Are you looking for quality fireplace maintenance service?

Call us for expert and thorough fireplace maintenance services, in the Vancouver area. Using a trusted local heating company assures reliable and prompt emergency fireplace or water heater services.


For quality gas fireplace service and repair in Vancouver, call or Contact Reliance Mechanical  at 604-733-3737

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