Boiler service

Hot Water Boiler Services, Hot Water Heating Boiler Repair Services:

Boiler Repair services: Hot water Heating is our specialty.Reliance Mechanical Has Training in design, Installation and Repairs of Hot Water Heating system. these training and workshops combined with two decades of Hot Water Boiler Heating Service works gives us advantage to recognize and tackle problems with Boilers and whole sets of Hot water Heating System that Boiler set- ups are central to it.We repair all brands of gas burning hot water boilers. We re-pipe and correct wrong and problematic boiler set ups.

Boiler Replacement / Boiler Installation / Hot Water Boiler Installation or Replacement, Hot Water Heating Boiler Installation:

Hot Water Heating, in-spite of being the most comfortable, clean, and energy conserving method of heating, has been troublesome for many due to poor boiler installations. The majority of hot water heating installations are done incorrectly. The inspection authorities generally mind the safety aspects of the boiler installation. For a hot water heating system to be comfortable, reliable and efficient, there are scientific guidelines available to use. We improve or retrofit problematic hot water heating systems. We use latest scientifically established methods and guidelines to do the right and reliable Boiler Installation/Replacement and Boiler Retrofit works. Our Boiler Installation works are meticulously done, aesthetic, comforting and reliable.

Hot Water Heating Boiler maintenance service / Boiler Tune-Up Service:

Boiler maintenance service is to check the boiler and the whole hot water heating system condition and test the system for safe, proper and reliable operation. This service help prevent unsafe condition and as much as possible improve the deficiencies. If there exist problems that need repair, will be brought to home owner’s attention with clear explanations. For Homeowners, who aren’t familiar with their boiler systems, and do not tend to it regularly, this service is very necessary and beneficial. Maintenance, prevents, and reverses hazardous conditions and developing problems. There are usually problems in boiler systems that are not attended, due to the accumulation of dust and lint on burners, pilot burner, some degree of blockage in heat ex-changer, low water water pressure in the boiler, wrong boiler water temperature or tripping pressure relief valve and etc. Here are the details of the boiler maintenance services.

Boiler service

Correct Boiler Replacement/Installation

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Cast Iron Boiler            High Effic. Wall-hang Boiler

Boiler maintenance service detail:

  • Observe the boiler operation for a cycle or two, to see if it is operating safely and correctly.
  • Check for gas leaks on the boiler gas valve and piping.
  • Check for signs of carbon monoxide.
  • Check and clean the flu pipes, draft hood, and combustion air opening.
  • Check the firing pattern to be safe and correct.
  • Check the water pressure and temperature on boiler.
  • Check the expansion tank.
  • On radiant floor heating, we check the water temperature going to the floor, and we adjust it to the right temperature.
  • Check the circulating pumps and the zone control valves.
  • Remove the burners and the pilot assembly, and clean them.
  • Check the thermocouple and replace it if necessary.
  • Adjust the boiler water pressure and temperature.
  • Make sure the boiler fires and stops at the correct water temperature.
  • Correct the gas burning rate of the boiler if necessary
  • Make sure the boiler working safely and correctly.

Are you looking for quality boiler maintenance service?

Call us for expert and thorough boiler maintenance services, in the Lethbridge area. Using a trusted local heating company assures reliable and prompt emergency boiler or water heater services.

Boiler service