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Reliance Mechanical is a quality heating service provider in Lethbridge, Alberta (formerly operated in Vancouver, Richmond, North Vancouver, and West Vancouver since 1994). We offer service, repair, installation, replacement and maintenance for warm air furnaces, hot water boilers, gas fireplaces, water heaters, hot water tanks, hydronic heating, radiant floor heating, and gas piping, for homes, light commercial buildings, and businesses.

Our quality heating services assure all aspects of expertise, prompt service and reliability with a pleasant manner. We always complement our good services with the best heating products available on the market that fits your budget and applications.

If your heater (furnace or boiler) stops working on a cold day or night, you have been alarmed by an unusual noise coming from the furnace fan or from the circulating pump in the hot water heating system, you have ran out of hot water, you have noticed a serious leak from your boiler/water heater, a zone in your hot water heating system is running out of control, or if you have any other pressing heating issue in the Lethbridge area, feel free to call us at (403)706-9797 An experienced and knowledgeable heating technician will take your call at any time during the day or night, and promptly attend to your heating service needs.

We provide the following prompt and reliable emergency heating repair services in the Lethbridge area:

– Warm air furnace service and repair
– Hot water heater service and repair
– Hot water tank service and repair
– Hot water boiler service and repair
– Radiant heating service and repair
– Gas fireplace service and repair
– Gas leak repair

Highlight of our services:

Furnace Services (forced air / warm air furnace):

Most Lethbridge homes have a central heating system most of which are gas furnace/forced warm air heating systems or gas boilers / hot water heating systems.

In the furnace heating system, the main component of the system, is designed and set up to heat up the right amount of clean air and pump it (circulate) to living spaces in homes. For the heating systems that burn gas to produce heat, the furnace should be functioning as it is designed to. Safe and desired operation of the furnace naturally requires all components in it to be maintained in terms of functionality and cleanliness (of the burners, flue passages, combustion air openings/pipes) at all times. Air that is to be heated must be filtered well at all times before being pumped to living spaces, to insure that the warm air healthily and sufficiently provides comforting heat to home occupants.

Aside from regular maintenance done by your trusted local heating company, homeowners need to replace furnace filters on a regular basis and keep the furnace room clean of dust and lint, as well as the combustion air opening unobstructed for a safe, healthy, reliable and efficient operation of the forced warm air heating system.

We provide expert, prompt and reliable repair services to all gas furnaces.
We supply quality furnaces with the desired features and right sizes. Our furnace installation work is thorough, high-quality and customized to your use.

Boiler Services:

We install / replace boilers using the latest developed guidelines to resolve your home’s existing hot water boiler set-up deficiencies and break downs. Making your heating system efficient and more dependable / long lasting.

Definition of Hot Water Boiler Operations:
Hot water boilers are set up to heat the water confined in the heating system and circulate the heated water to the heat emitters installed in your rooms in the forms of radiators, baseboards, or plastic tubing under the floors, in case of hot water radiant floor heating systems. Hot water, upon giving up it’s heat content to our rooms, is drawn back to boiler, to be reheated and pumped back to heat emitters. This process continues its cycle until your heating needs is met.

We offer: Expert boiler maintenance service, reliable Boiler repair works in Lethbridge, AB.

Hydronic Heating, Hot Water Radiant Heating Services:

Reliance Mechanical is one the few expert service provider for (Hydronic Floor Heating) Hot Water Floor Heating systems, whether it is annual maintenance service or Repairing heating system that has  frequent breakdown, or Retrofitting Radiant floor Heat with problematic Gray Plastic Tubing. We  correct  problem Hot water  Baseboard or Radiator Heating systems by re-piping  We correct the wrong Radiant Floor Heat setup, so that your heating system is Safe, Reliable and  provide comforting heat.

Water Heater Services:

We supply and Install / Replace Water Heaters / Hot Water Tanks that meet your application and needs. We replace Electric water heater tanks with Fast Recovery rate Gas Burning hot water tank.

We do complimentary hot water tank inspection and flushing with regular priced boiler or furnace maintenance services. We repair water heaters, whether it has a pilot outage, you aren’t getting enough hot water pressure, you are running out of hot water too fast, or you have a water heater leakage . If you have any issue or concern with water heater, call us at (403)706-9797 to get reliable and prompt services for your hot water needs and emergencies in Lethbridge.

Gas Fireplace Services:

We offer quality Fireplace Annual Maintenance Service (safety inspection & tune up) and repair service in Lethbridge, AB.

We offer quality service and repair for Gas Fireplaces in Lethbridge, AB.

Gas Piping or Gas Fitting Services:
Reliance Mechanical is a Bonded and Insured Gas Contractor. We offer Gas piping For Homes, Restaurants. We do gas piping additions or replacement. We detect and Repair Gas leaks in Lethbridge.

We offer Fast Action Emergency Gas Leak Repair Service in Lethbridge!

Do you have a furnace, boiler, hot water heating system, radiant heating, water heater, or fireplace service need? Perhaps you require an improvement or replacement plan and want a practical worry-free and fairly priced service? Please read out customer testimonial and experiences with us on Google Places. 

Call or Contact us today about whatever your home heating needs are: (403)706-9797 or (604)733-3737

We assure real quality service with a friendly manner!

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